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UNIPI Cyber Security Team

The UNIPI Cyber Security Team is supported by the Security Research Lab of the Department of Informatics, University of Piraeus. Our main goal is to become an active link between academia and other entities or organizations that are interested in promoting the excellence, knowledge and awareness in the field of information and network security and privacy. The UNIPI Cyber Security Team will plan, support and run various activities related with cyber security and privacy such as:
  • Educational activities: Open lectures, conferences and workshops in various topics of cyber security.
  • Training activities: “hands-on” workshops, “capture-the-flag” exercises, participation in relative national and/or international exercises or contests, preparation and support for participation in certification activities in information security.
  • Awareness activities: security awareness raising events, public announcements and dissemination activities for security related news.
  • Collaboration with other organizations, including national and international bodies, authorities and security specialists from the private sector.
  • Keep in touch with people: Collaboration with Bachelor, MsC and PhD graduates

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